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Women are treated like commodities and disposable containers in Salafi society. Different kinds of legal opportunities have been provided for Salafi men to exploit women in the name of Islam throughout the world. Saudi/Salafi scholars have issued many Fatawas to allow several kinds of deceptive and fake marriages to use women as sex slaves for as long as ...they wish. We are providing below some details in this regard.

(a) Misyaar - It is a temporary relationship between men and women for sexual pleasure. In this relationship the woman relinquishes all her rights that are available to her in an Islamic marriage. It is claimed that 60 Salafi scholars, including Saudi Grand Mufti Shaikh Abdulaziz al-Shaikh endorsed Misyar relationship between men and women in their fatawas.

The terms and conditions of Misyar and Shia practice of Mutah (sexual pleasure ) are same except that in Misyar, it is claimed that the partners do not fix a time to end their sexual relationship and are free to leave each other anytime they wish. In Mutah, they fix a specific time, like one week, one month etc., and at the end of that period both man and woman are considered as legally separated. In Mutah and Misyaar, man and woman need not live together under the same roof. They can meet whenever the man demands and spend a few hours together in privacy for sex and go to their homes quietly.

Misyar is a " Koensdeler relationship ". Koensdeler is a Danish name given to a girl/woman who is neither your wife, nor girl friend. There is no social binding or loyalty in the relationship. She is just a sexual mate and not a prostitute who entertain sex with anybody for money. Whenever you want, call each other, meet, have sex, and both of you are on your ways. If you are fed up with the lady (Koensdeler), just call her and tell her that you don't want to continue having sex with her. That is the end of your relationship.

(b) Urfa - In this relationship, arrangements are made as a customary marriage but there are no official contracts signed and this relationship also does not give women any rights whatsoever. She is kept as along as the man wishes to use her for sex.

(c) Mesyaf ( Summer holiday marriage) - It is a tourism marriage practiced by Saudis and other Salafis in the world who go on summer vacation to countries, like Yamen, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries. In these countries they take advantage of poor Muslim families by fake marriages with young, rather very young girls between the ages of 9 to 16 years in collusion with local middlemen and agents who are paid for these notorious services.

There are two types of fake marriages in Mesyaf.

(I) The woman / girl is made aware that the fake marriage is done for a short time for the Saudi to have sex with her. In this case, she bargains and gets paid an agreed amount in advance.

(II) The woman / girl and her parents are not made aware about the intentions of Saudis. Poor parents and the young girl consider that it is a regular Islamic marriage and that after marriage she will go to Saudi Arabia with her husband. These fake marriages are done with the knowledge and collusion of middlemen and agents. In these deceptive marriages, Salafis from Saudi Arabia and other rich Gulf countries spend 15 days to one month with these poor hapless young girls in hotels. At the end of their vacation, Saudis disappear in thin air leaving behind the devastated young girl and her parents. There are hundreds of thousands of young Muslim girls who have become victim to this Saudi practice. These girls later get involved in prostitution in these countries.

(d) Friend Marriage - This is a special marriage where the bride does not go out of her house. The male goes to her house in the night or meets with her in a hotel and have sex with her, after which she goes back to her home. In this relationship the woman does not have any legal maintenance from the man. In most of the cases the woman demands a certain amount and gets it in advance.

(e) Misfar - (Foreign study and Business Trip marriage) Misfar refers to a deceptive marriage contracted by a Salafi for sexual gratification so that a woman may cohabitate with him for the period of time he is visiting a foreign country. These women are formally divorced after a short period that ranges from a week to a month. It is natural that most of these women who fall victim to this kind of fake marriage come from deprived backgrounds, and for most of them, they have very little say in the matter.

Misfar is a deceptive marriage undertaken by Saudis/Salafis who go to study in foreign countries. In Misfar, Salafis marry local women but never disclose their true intentions. Once their studies are over or their businesses are accomplished, they dump their wives and children born out of these fake marriages and go back to their countries. without a trace. They use these women physically, emotionally and many a times financially since they save them the trouble of finding accommodation or facing the financial burdens on their own. Many Fatawa by Saudi Scholars in this context are available on official websites like Bin Baaz.

In all the above deceptive marriages, the arrangements are made discretely where women will have no evidence to pursue men legally. There is a massive network of Arabic dating websites that use revolutionary ways of interaction between total strangers where unsuspecting women are easily tricked into Saudi prostitution net in the guise of fake marriages.

Most alarming in this context is the latest Fatwa by Shaikh Adil Al-Kalbani, the Imam of the Grand Mosque of Makka issued on July 16, 2010. This Fatwa was published

Shaikh Kalbani, proclaimed this fatwa after receiving an email from an overseas Saudi male student studying in the ‘West’. The Saudi student, who is married and living with his wife, claims that he is worried about controlling his desires when he sees ‘Western’ females wearing seductive semi-naked clothes that arouse him.

He goes on to ask the Shaikh if it is OK to marry one of those women in a ‘Misfar’ marriage, which means marriage based on travel, because he claims that he can’t fight temptations and also accuses his wife of being frigid.

The old Shaikh Kalbani posted on his own website his fatwa that permits Saudis marrying Western women with the intention of divorcing them when they are finished with them without the pre-knowledge of the women of their deceitful plan.

Meaning, the Imam has given green light to Saudi overseas students and traveling businessmen to use women as disposable containers to relieve themselves sexually.

One of the prominent Salafis scholars of recent times, Shaikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baaz (1910-1999) who was Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, also gave a similar Fatwa (available in Majmua Fatawa wa Maqalat Mutanawwi'ah - 16 Volumes).

Ibn Baaz used to sell cloths with his brother in his childhood and early teens. By the time he was 16, (1927) he lost his eyesight and became completely blind within 2-3 years. He remained blind till his death in 1999. He is one of the three greatest innovators of recent times (the other two being Naseeruddin Al-Bani - 1914-1999 and Ibn Uthaymeen an-Najdi - 1925-2001) whose leadership, policies and influence had crippling effect on Islamic Sharia and Muslims Society in the whole world. Read more ......

In 1990 someone asked Shaikh Ibn Baaz the following question.

Question: I heard one of your fatawa on audio-cassette in which you permitted marriages in foreign countries where the man marries with the intent of divorcing his wife after the termination of his employment or student visa. What, then, is the difference between this type of marriage and an invalid temporary marriage? What should he do if his wife bears him a daughter? Should he abandon her in a foreign country with her divorced mother? I am in need of clarification.

Fatwa: The Shaikh replied : "Yes, the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and the Issuing of Fatawa, (in Saudi Arabia) over which I preside, has issued a fatwa permitting a marriage entered into with the intent of divorce as long as this intention remains concealed between the groom and his Lord. If he married in a foreign country with the undisclosed intent of divorcing his wife upon the completion of his studies or employment, he is not liable according to the majority of scholars.

Salafism is not Islam. Salafis openly allow indiscriminate physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial rape of women by so many deceptive marriages devised by them to exploit poor needy women all over the world.

The statistics at Saudi Aabia, UAE and other Salafi dominated societies show that women are openly hooked dozens of times for short periods, sometimes even for an hour. In Yemen, Far East, Europe and other sex tourism countries, these deceptive marriages is a flourishing business through middlemen where Salafis from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries visit during summer months and spend their time with plenty of women.

What about women who get pregnant in all the above criminal marriages? Either pregnancies are terminated or in case the woman decides to give birth to the child, she is responsible for his/her upbringing because she will never meet the person again in her life who is the biological father of her child. She is not allowed to disclose father's name to her child or to anyone in society. Details in this context are available all over Internet. It is a known fact that thousands of children of Arab descent and Salafi features, born to prostitutes, and poor women who were victims of deceptive marriages in sex tourism destinations like Thailand, Yamen and other countries, loiter on the streets, mostly begging, perhaps from their own fathers during their summer vacations. These children are looked down by locals with hatred. The Internet is full of pathetic stories of these children who are forced to live like street dogs feeding from the garbage bins. Astaghfiruallah.See More

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