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August 7, 2013 at 5:35pm
1.0  Preface
2.0  Construction of Sacred Dome
3.0  Hadith of Hazrath-e-Aisha Siddiqa (ra)
4.0  You-tube link on renowned Alim confirming opening, retaining of windows.
5.0  Descriptive sketches of Green Dome
6.0  Though Saud’s were not involved in the rumor, the cruelty of Wahabi rulers and destruction of Jannatul Baqi is not hidden
7.0   The Last Word


1.0   Preface

Among the many false rumors promoted by few individuals/groups is that there is a dead body buried on the Green Dome of the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah. Supposedly, a man tried to demolish the Green Dome and was struck by lightning. He is therefore buried there a sign. Whereas the truth is this is a window, now covered to seal and avoid any ingress of water into the Dome.

The first window in ceiling was made in directives of Hazrath e Aisha Siddiqa (Radi Allahu Anha) during the time when people of Madina got in grip of severe drought, the window and the line of projection from sky to blessed grave was maintained every time there was expansion of Mosque/Dome.

The following details, Ahadith and YouTube link should shed more light on the same and help in avoiding the confusion and kill the rumor if Allah subhanahu-wa-tala wills. 

2.0   Construction of Sacred Dome

The dome was first constructed in late 1279 A.D (678 H), went through several modifications, last renovated and painted green in 1837 A.D. comprises of the following:

  • Inner Chamber: The inner chamber (Hujra/house of Hazrath e Aisha Siddiqa ra) in which the Prophet is resting. The original Hujra, the size & space is assumed to be unaffected apart from strengthening it with stone walls and timber ceiling. The room is completely sealed except a small window in ceiling, which was opened during the time of Hazrath-e-Aisha ra.
  • Internal dome: This is the first tomb/tomb structure constructed over Inner Chamber.
  • Pentagonal Wall: 5 high walls covering the Hujrah, were constructed in 709 AD (108 H), the pentagonal wall has no door or windows and that the chamber is completely surrounded/sealed within these covering walls.
  • The Lead Trench: Constructed in late 1100 AD to prevent from crusaders after an attempt made to reach and pull out the sacred body of Prophet (peace be upon him)
  • The Green Dome: The original dome structure was built over the prophet’s tomb in 1279 AD. Initially the structure was made out of wood. Afterwards, in late 1481 AD following a fire mishap, the structure was called for reconstruction and restoration. The foundation works were replaced with bricks and the wooden dome covered with lead plates to avoid future damages. Later on the dome was painted green as we see today.

As evident from the construction, the sacred grave is basically enclosed in 3 structures: The inner chamber with timber ceiling, the internal dome and the noticeable green dome. With every new construction and modification of the Masjid/Dome, the opening between the sky and sacred grave made by Hazrath-e-Aisah (ra) was maintained. In total there are three windows one above the other directing towards the sacred grave of Rasoolallah (peace be upon him).

In addition to the Resting place of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), the chamber is also resting place of first two Caliphs, Abu Bakr and Umar (ra) who are resting adjacent to the Prophet (peace be upon him) plus an empty place reserved for Prophet Isa (peace be upon him). 

The internal chambers are not visible as the area is sealed off by a gold mesh along with embroided silk curtains. The grave itself is not decorated but stands two cubits, 41 inches (1 meter) high.

3.0   Hadith of Hazrath-e-Aisha Siddiqa (ra)

Imam Dārimī (rah) Relates from Abu al-Jawza’ Aws bin ‘Abdullah (ra): The people of Medina were in the grip of a severe famine. They complained to ‘A’ishah r.a (about their terrible condition). She told them to go towards the Prophet’s grave and open a window in the direction of the sky so that there is no curtain between the sky and the grave. The narrator says they did so. Then it started raining heavily; even the lush green grass sprang up (everywhere) and the camels had grown so fat (it seemed) they would burst out due to the over piling of blubber. So the year was named as the year of greenery and plenty.

References: Sunan Darimi Volume 001, Page 227, Hadith Number 093.

4.0  You-tube link on renowned Alim confirming window.

3.0  Descriptive sketches of Green Dome 

 Allah and his prophet knows best
1.0  Cruelty of Saud Rulers/Pagan Salafis  and destruction of Jannatul Baqi 

After clarifying the rumor and before closing down this article, would also like to inform the individuals who think the Saud & Saudis are descendants of prophet, decent and came out clean, for them the below paragraphs will be eye-opener and will shed some light on cruelty of Present Saudi Regime.

The Al Saud (the Saudi royal family), were originally minor tribal rulers in Najd in central Arabia, from the mid18th century, filled with the zeal of the Wahabbi Islamic movement named after Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.  

Al Wahab, born in Najd was an Islamic scholar, who was expelled from his place due to his innovated ideas and faith contradicting with teachings of Islam. Upon his expulsion, he was invited to settle down in neighboring state/tribal ruled by Muhammad bin Saud. Where they have concluded an agreement that, together, they would conquer Arab peninsula and wahhab backedup by religious knowledge will support Saud in all religious matter required for conquering the place and thereafter, in return Bin Saud will provide political/army support to spread principles of Islam as wahab considers it to be (based on misguided/contractiding ideas of wahab).

After agreement bin Saud declared his pact with Abdul Wahab about a dynastic alliance and power-sharing arrangement between their families which continues to the present day. The pact was strengthened by seal of the marriage between two families, by marrying Ibn Saud’s son to Ibn Abdul Wahab’s daughter that led to the expansion of a heavily funded Wahabism. Ibn Saud and Ibn Abdul Wahab had created a new political entity and both were in agreement with the teachings and actions of one another. Together, they planned to dominate various neighboring regions and ultimately the entire country– while fully implementing the teachings of Abdul Wahab within these regions. Ibn Abdul Wahab had revived the teachings of another misguided personality of like thinking “ Ibn Taymiyah”  and started expanding and spreading it through the armed assistance of the government and violence.

After the Al Saud leader, Abdul Aziz took over the kingship, he carried out a series of wars, spread bloodshed in Macca and Madina, killed masses of Sunni Ulema, followers and local tribes of the sacred places, few of them forced to exile for conquest and resulted in his creation of the Kingdom in 1932, named “Saudi Arabia” after family name of Saud.

When Saud bin Abdul-Aziz took Medina, his followers, the Wahhabis, demolished nearly every tomb dome in Medina reasoning that giving respect to Wife’s of Prophet, Family and Sahaba is an offense and shirk. They stripped out gold and jewel ornaments from prophets tomb, modified the engraved text around the vicinity to read “Ya Allah and Ya Majeed” from intial “Ya Allah and Ya Muhammad” however the dome was preserved due to fear of mass revolt and being afraid that the saud name might vanish from planet earth if they dare to touch the prophets tomb and based on fact that they were only handful at that time as compared to date. Again in 2007, a ruling published by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs and endorsed by the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, stated that "the green dome shall be demolished and the three graves should be flattened in the Prophet's Masjid". Last year, the wahabi rulers even tried to act upon the plan of demolition in the name of “Expansion of grand mosque”, however due to mass opposition by the “Ahle sunnah wal Jamat” (the largest group of Muslims) from all over the world the plan of demolition/cornering the dome has to be dropped and Dome remained untouched.

Being in the hand of Wahabi Salafies, the sacred places are never safe. Certainly it will not be the end of their plan to demolish the tomb and flatten the sacred grave to ground zero and make it unidentifiable with pass of time, this was the core idea took birth in the mind of father (or father in law) of Saudi regime/wahabi creed “Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi” who is imam and deen of Salafism.

Salafism is exploring teachings of Paganism in the name of Islam. Their figurative descripture of Allah and disrespect towards Allah and his Prophets, Sahaba, Pious, sacred things associated with Islam is in digestible – however do not want jump off the current topic more.

For those who would like to research can check history/formation of Saudi Arabia on net. Few wiki links have given below for ease.

7.0   The Last Word

Though I have tried my best to gather series of modification and dates to clarify the issue, May Allah forgive me for my mistakes if any due to my limited knowledge and available of resources on construction history – verily, Allah is all knower and see’er  - Allah and his Prophet knows the best.

Please share this message in large to eradicate the misconception of grave over the sacred dome causing disrespect to the sacred prophetic dome.  

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